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Veneta Sedie: Our world

Veneta Sedie: Our world


Supporting furniture design as a mission: Veneta Sedie not only manufactures and distributes high quality chairs and furnishing, it also offers technological, logistical and production support.

Our main purpose is to offer our customers a rich experience through our products, based on quality, design and craftsmanship.

Listening and responding to customer needs is an everyday mission: as promptly as possible and in an organized, systematic, reliable manner.

We like to communicate and mantain honest relationships, paying attention to every detail in order to give the best suited solution as well as gaining and mantaining our customer's trust.

Our values are our fuel: a shared philosophy that guides and encourages us everyday in our work and relationships with partners and customers.

Three pillars, three concepts in which we believe and invest:


Veneta Sedie's most precious resource is its people: their expertise, inclinations, uniqueness and creative approach to the job.

Relationships based on harmony, motivation and shared values create the company's work envoironment, where each process, from 3D rendering to quality check, is supported by technology but expertly lead by people.

Consciousness and responsibility are key to the management of each production phase, in order to reach our customers satisfaction through quality products and services.


During its history Veneta Sedie managed to combine two souls.

The industrial background of a company manufacturing and commercializing thousands of chairs every year, on national and international scale, enriched by an artisanal heart that reflects its roots.

This balance creates the opportunity for a flexible industrial production, allowing to meet the needs of both big projects and customized, specific requests.

Veneta Sedie's know-how originates from its history, experience and knowledge of the market, leading to its ability to offer high quality at competitive prices, with a solution-oriented and tailored approach.


Veneta Sedie believes in innovation as a non-stop evolution process.
Modernization and improvement of production processes, ideas and services are key to offer high quality products characterized by unique design and competitive prices.
Innovation is about people joining a shared path and set of values, contributing with their expertise to the advancement of each aspect of the production.