Discover all the charateristics of the beechwood in furniture production

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The phases of the wood 

Good design and manufacturing are not enough to turn a product into a paragon of quality and style: each wooden furnishing accessory must have the right base, the perfect raw material. For its products, Veneta Sedie chooses the wood provided by the beech (Fagus sylvatica L.), carefully inspecting and selecting the raw material when it is still in its place of origin – the European forests – and complying with the protocols and regulations on environmental impact and reforestation.

Why the beechwood in particular? Because due to its characteristics it is the material that best lends itself to the different machining stages. Thanks to its high-quality natural fibres, in fact, the beechwood is suitable for the main machining processes: milling, cutting and shaping. The beechwood has a light colour, which only through an appropriate drying process reaches the typical pinkish hue.

Which treatments does the beechwood undergo? We start with the first cut, an operation that lets us discover the living raw material, feeling and touching it. After this initial approach we then proceed with the drying process, ensuring that the wooden boards reach the right moisture content (8-10%).

The balance between the craftsmanship and the technology of Veneta Sedie

Why do we monitor the moisture content of the beechwood before manufacturing the chair? Ensuring that the raw material has reached the optimum moisture content before machining it allows us to lend both stability and durability to the finished product.

During the next stage the beechwood undergoes a meticulous machining allowing to shape, cut and define the different parts. From now on all wooden product components are subjected to stringent quality controls that shall validate all their characteristics, until the final approval and distribution.

Each furnishing accessory from Veneta Sedie is manufactured according to a careful production process combining the best craftsmanship and technology. To discover the painstaking dedication of our personnel to the manufacturing of wooden chairs and furnishing accessories, visit our website or contact us for a customised solution.