Production chairs for contract

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Production standards, efficiency, flexibility, passion: just some of the necessary characteristics to establish good cooperation with contract customers.
In these years of experience in creating raw frames we have developed the necessary skills not only to create a good product, but also to carry out the demands of our customers in an optimal manner, working closely with the design center and with a competitive price.
In the contract sector the requirement key is to find a product that can get married to a variety of requirements, that is functional for any context, a product where you can find, in the context in which it is placed, its own personality.

A customizable standard

It would seem an oxymoron. In recent years the focus has been just create a standard product but at the same time customizable, a chair that could adapt to every request but whose phases of production should be well determined. Through the experience gained in the naval sector, in luxury, hospitality and fashion, we were able to qualify for this mood and we have integrated this into our production strategy, with excellent results.
Thanks to the extension of the natural productive sector, the Taylor Interiors division, we can literally wear our chairs of styles, colors and fabrics that make them unique and original seats. It is the case of the last collaboration with Ville sull'Arno Hotel, Florence.

Not only chairs

Even if the chair is the first love, we work the wood to make it become a table and turn it into other pieces of furniture. Our frames are born to become elegant and unique.
Offering a complete range of products and quality, offering our soft skills matured thanks to a solid tradition, we can promote ourselves with enthusiasm as partners to the contract customer and get more satisfactory results.