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Design chairs: how does the shape born and how it translates itself into the matter?

Design is already in itself a word that contain the concept of the project. What we have added, in our common language, is the sense of something beautiful, trendy, an object with style. So the concept of the chair evolved over the years, which has gone from a functional object to a real piece of furniture with its forms and its colors.

The shape is the focus on which we concentrate more: we need to provide a personality with fabrics and colors that cannot came before the steps to creating an handly object, flexible in its use, safe and especially marketable. Every phase is introductory to the other: with the production and taylor made divisions we can be leaders with enthusiasm of both phases, not forgetting the first love for the material research and therefore for pure design.

From the materials' selection up to the stages of production, we pay attention to design and create a functional object, which can marry every demand.

Designing chairs

Design is a very important phase in the chairs' production: it makes sure that there is a continuous dialogue with the customer to reduce at the minimum the errors' margins.
The one which has proven successful in this particular step is represented by prototypes and by mok-up: both instruments are essential because they allow an informed decision and provide a concrete idea for the chair to realize.

Chair design: prototype

Prototypes can also be made from an image or a photo and provide a 3D design of how the chair will appear. A prototype 3D allows interior designers, architects and in general to industry insiders to contextualise their projects within the chair and so to enhance the rest of the environment. In substance, the prototype of a chair provides one more tool to complete the decor project in an advanced stage. The advantage is not only represented in preventive phase but also in the production and creation phase: prototype, in fact, reduces to the minimum the errors' margins.

Chair of design: concept and mok-up

The mok-ups are made, also, from images or photographs. The experience of those who, like us, has conceived and designed thousands chairs helps and guides us in a perfect model's creation from which start and through which assess the best solutions. The mok-up is a concrete realization of a project, which is palpable and can be tested in the context and for the desired functionality. Even the most complex projects find life seems not like an impossible enterprise but more like fine challenges.