Experience and passion in realizing wooden furnishings elements

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An inaccurate assessment can often limit the opinion about a particular element. You need to ask yourself: what does a product hide in yourself? What kind of world does an element can carry and slowly unveil? As the grain of natural material from which it takes origin, so the wooden furniture is made of shades, a variety of colours that with their simmetries enhance the environment in which they find.

For more than thirty years, Veneta Sedie has been working with wood and it is ready to share with its audience the most precious secrets it has discovered about this incredible material. Passion for wood combined with a careful research of its best qualities make artisans discover a valuable process, that offers to the end customer a unique experience, made of quality, craftsmanship and design.

In Veneta Sedie we always start by listening to the customers' own requirements. Every detail can become the added value that helps in the design of interiors. This is the reason why people play an important role in the design and development phase of wooden furniture. Creativity is born from the unique and sensivity of human touch, it is the result of a careful study expressed by customised and tailor made approach.
With its versatility wood becomes the answer to the needs of the customer. The transition from raw material to product is no longer a simple process, but creating step.
Craftsmanship and technology are alternated to give life to wood projects. The careful attention to detail and the value of manual blends with 3D design chairs manufacturing, to minimize the margin of error and create the right map to follow in the development phase.

In Veneta Sedie we start with your idea to develop a project consistent with your needs and improved by our history, made of experience and passion for wood.
If you are looking for a smart wooden element to furnish interiors, visit our website and contact us: we can help you transform your thought into a concrete project.