Which are distributors' needs when selecting wooden chairs and furnishing accessories?

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Proposing to customers high quality wooden furnishing accessories that meet their needs is the best result a distributor can achieve. This, however, entails a long search and a painstaking selection of any detail that may influence the final choice of the product and of the furnishing accessory manufacturer. 

So, what are the needs of distributors when selecting wooden chairs and furnishing accessories?

Speed, care, flexibility: the needs of distributors

  • Speed and care. The distributor is looking for a specific product and often has a limited time to find it. When he contacts the manufacturer he already has a solution in mind and is looking for a reliable partner who can manufacture the product according to a tight schedule. 
  • Warehousing and logistics. The distributor is an important link between manufacturing and delivery. An essential factor in this process is organisational efficiency. Finding a manufacturer who can provide full and detailed real-time tracking, at each stage of the manufacturing process, is the added value every distributor is looking for. 
  • Prototyping and sampling. Quality turns into a model. For a distributor, it is important that he can choose between a specified range of models, and that he can refer to concepts and samples. 3D design, on which prototyping is based, makes the preview real, showing important details of what the finished product is going to be. 
  • Cost flexibility. In an open and constantly evolving market, being able to offer the best price, along with quality and efficient manufacturing, may be a major factor in the final choice, and is one more reason to establish long-term partnerships.

We manufacture customised wooden furnishing accessories, starting from each customer's specific needs and adopting a flexible approach, to be able to provide the best solution, in line with the latest trends and with the end customer requests. 

Contact us for further information about our manufacturing process and to test our experience in the production of wooden chairs and furnishing accessories.