A 3-step guide to the contract in order to purchase the perfect wooden chair

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Furnishing with style means knowing how to manage a countless number of variables and having your finger on the pulse at every step of the way; from the first, most essential and important meeting with the end customer (who will play a key role throughout), to other stages such as the design stage and the manufacture of the unfinished product and its distribution.

For a contract, selecting a versatile supplier who is able to guarantee their support throughout the process of planning and design, as well as during manufacture and distribution is an added value, and one not to be underestimated.


Let’s take a look at the production of wooden furniture. A chair, a table, a stool. The starting point is the design: functionality and style can only come together when an experienced partner is found, one who can almost touch an idea for a product which is still just a project on paper.

Using, it begins to take on a concrete shape, a useful prototype which becomes an advantage because it allows the main structural elements of the concept to be highlighted. The prototype limits the margins of error and, in terms of the contract, makes it easier to present the design to the end customer.


Once the design has been approved, the manufacturing stage begins. An important step and a fundamental moment, when the idea becomes reality. Our wooden chair is about to take shape, starting from a careful process of manufacture and assembly while maintaining a sense of craftsmanship.

During the production stage, each product follows a pre-defined process and is easily identified by means of a tracking method, namely the progress of an order can be followed and the time needed for its despatch is known beforehand.


At this point, little time remains before the product reaches the end customer and we find ourselves at the logistics and distribution stage. Precise organisation enables the delivery date to be established with accuracy, the result of careful warehouse management.

The purchase of an unfinished chair can reveal itself to be a complex project, because it develops through a continuous process of sharing and comparing ideas. Choosing a reliable partner able to guarantee their support through each stage can also prove to be the best solution for the customer. The experience of Veneta Sedie is reflected in a specific method of production, which assesses the precise needs of the contract and the end customer, offering custom-tailored alternatives, to achieve their full agreement.