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How to customise unfinished wooden furniture

One of the advantages of working with unfinished materials is having the opportunity to mould shapes and concepts, pursuing the best way to give furniture stylish design and paying great attention to each item created. Veneta Sedie offers the creativity of its collaborators to make unfinished furnishing accessories, which become examples of style and originality.

Customising unfinished furnishing accessories is considered by designers as inspiration to be developed in shapes. The next step is 3D design, which leads to the concept of the model. Starting from this, you can begin to think about customisations, which can then be applied as surface finishes.

Innovation and technology go hand in hand in creating a customised product to meet customers' needs in various sectors. Our one goal: to create unique furniture based on tailor-made production.

Veneta Sedie is synonymous with craftsmanship combined with innovation. The modus operandi of the tradition of producing chairs and furnishing accessories starting with unfinished wood is combined with modern technologies, guaranteeing efficient processing and accurate production.
Hence beech wood is transformed and given new contours, just like an old seed that grows in the wild and acquires a new purpose, becoming a chair, carver chair, bench, stool, table or furnishing accessory. Details express creativity in transforming an unfinished furnishing accessory into a stylish and up-to-date creation.

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