How to discover the value of wooden furniture

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How many times do we find ourselves in front of a wooden piece of furniture, and ask what really its value is?

In this post we look at some essential details that will help you to assess the quality of wood furniture when you find it in front of your eyes. A few simple suggestions, which Veneta Sedie took as its trademark, to give value to quality.
When the artisanal manufacturing process merges with technology, the ancient art of making is combined with modern, tradition blends with innovation.

A wooden furnishing comes from the idea, which blends with the design to find its sequel in the process of creation.
The idea is in fact only the first step in giving light to the inspiration of the masters, but there are details that enrich the product. 

Let's discover them:

  • beech wood: a light wood, which takes on the characteristic pinkish color after being subjected to two precise machining processes: evaporation and drying
  • first cut: very important because already from the first part of the processing you can assess the quality of the raw material
  • wood moisture: for the realization of the chairs we ensure that the raw material has a degree of humidity between 8 and 10%. This guarantees an extreme durability and stability of the finished product
  • accuracy: technology allows us to obtain a quality product, where the individual components are cut with an accuracy margin of 0.3 mm

Disover the world of wooden chairs and furniture complements processing. Visit our website to discover how history, artisan passion and technology join together to give life to products characterised by exclusive beauty.