Tradition and innovation in the production of wooden chairs

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To tell you this story we have to start from the roots, because as the wood on which it bases its life, the company has grown by drawing sap and inspiration from its land.
Veneta Sedie is an Italian company, its headquarters are located in the province of Padua, in Merlara. In this town, near the boundless lands of the Polesine, many original ideas took shape: chairs and wooden elements, that furnish and renovate, with style and elegance.

How were these original creations born?

Modern technologies, with a vein of craftsmanship: the beating heart of raw wood chairs' production. Starting from wooden trunks, carefully selected among the best specimens of beech forests of Northern Europe and wisely worked to create effective solutions, using a craftsman approach.
Wood is the basis of everything, the point of departure that joins the idea: designing can start. Over the years we have approached to the technology, introducing in our production of raw wooden chairs 3D Design. This solution guarantees the perfect development of the customer's and buyer's idea, reducing processing time and margin of error. Even before the concrete act of building a chair, we already can develop a prototype, a virtual model that can become a useful tool for designers and influencers.

Top 10 Collection. We like to imaginie and design and, like any family, we too have our album. A collection of hits, 10 models of unfinished wooden chairs, selected for their functional and stylistic features and chosen for their marketability.

Valuable elements? Style, design, quality and excellent price and quality. Wooden chairs realised with handcrafted passion, in large quantity and quickly available. From 3D designing phase to the chair production, until it's ready to be polished and upholstered with luxury finishes and high quality materials.

We collected our top 10, suggesting high quality and a flexible price. 

Some technical details for Top 10 line of unfinished wooden chairs:

  • excellent standard technical specifications
  • use of an exclusively dried timber raw material
  • high strength, CATAS certified
  • high rate of joined elements solidity, by using minikinzler joints

You can find a guide to Top 10, browsing the online catalogue.