Veneta Sedie: Serial Craftmanship

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There is an expression in Veneta Sedie that we like to use to define the product and its processing: serial craftmanship. It may seem an oxymoron, a strong contrast: how can a handmade product be the result of a process in series? Follow us step by step and you will discover that it isn’t so impossible.

The making of a chair: from wood to raw frame

Wood is our starting point, not a simple raw material, but a unique base and a key element in the production of raw chairs from which to start a singular life path. The passion for craftsmanship alternates and merges with modern technology, from which we draw the new techniques for the production of a product that brings together the quality of the values of the past and a modern and sophisticated processing. Veneta Sedie combines its production to serial craftsmanship. Raw chairs and prototyping: we rely on traditional craftsmanship to mold and shape our best insights.

Handmade production of raw chairs

How to explain the path that leads to model a piece of wood until it becomes the raw frame of a chair? Starting from the beginning, since the idea and the project are planned. Even before start working the raw material, we consider the individual actions, to track every production phase, optimizing each phase of work.

Every cut down tree is valuable as much and more than gold, and we cannot afford that it may be wasted, for this we use as best as we can each part of it. For the production of raw chairs we choose the beech wood: it comes from the most important forests in Europe, it is selected according to strict controls and in compliance with the forest legislation.

We come to the moment when we get in touch with matter: the first cut of the wood is an indelible mark for the manufactured product that from this moment will take the raw shape of what will be its finished form.

Serial production of handmade raw chairs

In this phase the technology joins the manpower. The machines cut and finish, but behind every instrument there is the mind and the human experience: the tradition handed down from craftsman to craftsman. The production of handmade raw chairs takes place "in series" because behind the technology, which simplifies and reduces the processing time, there is a deep knowledge of the industry and the raw material.

Nothing is left to chance, not even the final stage of quality control. Each joint, every component, every detail is under the watchful eye of our craftsmen that verify that the work is in line with the established standards.

Come to discover the top ten of our handcrafted wooden chairs models. Each frame is ready to become a piece of furniture, with the possibility to choose his end effect from a wide range of finishes.