Advantages in furnishing with wooden chairs

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Wood is a living, flexible and versatile material. In shapes, colors and style, it can be a valid ally for furniture. 

Which can be the details that shouldn't be underestimated in the choice of wooden furnishing accessories?

We think of all the stages that precede the finishing of a chair or a complement of wooden furniture. A unique path that contributes to the end result.

  • Starting from raw wood. The pure material, which has not yet been trated, already reveals its nature. We learn to observe the wood, its veins and the precious natural details it presents
  • A precise manufacturing process, the result of an intense production that combines tradition with technology. An added value that enriches the base material.
  • Shape. Design is the search for the best style, to offer new and engaging furniture. A stylish design studio guarantees immediate response to the customer's needs
  • Project. 3D design is a competitive advantage that positively influences the whole production and develops in the realization of a prototype and a concept.
  • Quickness. A production that is based on traditional methods but is renewed in the choice of the most modern processing and handling systems
  • Attention to the customer. The focus of the production is the customer: architect, contract, designer. At every phase of the production you can monitor your order to have transparent control over the processing phase in which the product is located.
  • Experience. The certainty of having many decades of experience in the production of wooden chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas. To give concrete answers to common questions, starting from common case history, moments that are successfully addressed and satisfied.

Working to achieve quality, starting from commitment and daily experience. Veneta Sedie supports its customer at all stages leading to the realization of a wooden chair, starting from the design studio, to the realization of a wide range of rough beech wood structures and trunks. 

We aim at valorizing the raw material, starting from the study of shapes and enriching it with details and finishes defined in every detail.