How are wing chairs produced?

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Close your eyes for a moment and think of a chair, probably you will think of a traditional chair near the table in the kitchen or of an armchair in your living room. 

Hardly a Wing Chair will come spontaneously to your mind, even if it is the most ergonomic and functional choice.

This is why Veneta Sedie suggests a wide range of Wing Chairs, that integrate functionality, design and comfort and can be used to furnish with creativity every room. A wing chair can be a design element in the full respect of tradition in the kitchen or it can enrich the living room.

Even the material used to realize a Wing Chair is various but the traditional wood is always an element able to give a touch of creativity and originality to every house. Wood is able to create on the wings of the chair extraordinary games of style that can transform your kitchen in a unique environment. It will be able to impress your guests.

But it is not enough: even the style of your Wing Chair could be very different, for example the great baroque accents of some forms, suitable to furnish classical or contemporary environment.

The advice of Veneta Sedie is to combine minimal dining tables with wing chairs with essential forms, better made by wood and with pad sitting for the maximum comfort, while in a more classical room the traditional wing chairs can be elements of furniture in their own right even without the table. In this case it could be used a wing chair in natural wood with the colors of tradition: white and ivory.

The rounded shapes and the warm colours are perfect for a classical style and a modern one.

Finally a beautiful Wing Chair can bring a breath of fresh air also in the more classical office, where is essential, even more than in the house, combine comfort and aesthetics. In this case the wing chair is the best ergonomic choice and will contribute to the physical and psychological comfort of those who works for many hours in front of a PC or at the desk.