How to design a wooden furniture, choosing innovative technology

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Before production there is the conception, before the realization there is the design: inspiration takes shape and a idea becomes a concrete work.

We take you to the discovery of the designing process of the collection of wooden chairs and furniture Veneta Sedie.

Driven by tradition, we find inspiration both in trends and functionalities of what we produce. The processing of a wooden chair starts in fact from its design.

How are chairs and wooden furnishing elements designed?

3D design is an important step in the production of wooden chairs. Veneta Sedie puts a special effort in this particular phase: the aim is to ensure excellent results, in line with customer's requirements.

In an entire production process, the chance of having a 3D model not only reduces the processing time, but also limits the margin of error, because it is possible having a clear interpretation of the idea and the client's needs.

How does Veneta Sedie realise a 3D design?

Qualified personnel. The key lies in a team of experts, specialized in the creation of three-dimensional projects. An additional service that gains value and becomes essential for the success of an entire project.

The first shape of the product and the line that it has been chosen to accomplished it is already clear in the computer monitor. A concept that goes beyond the simple graphics, but that creates a three-dimensional render, much easier to imagine. 

The 3D project becomes an important tool not only for the end customer. In the case of buyers and more other figures involved within one realization, the 3D concept can be used as an element to be included in a presentation or in a portfolio.

Veneta Sedie can provide two main elements:

  • prototyping. The starting point is an image or a photograph. Starting from this resource it is possible to obtain a prototype, a sample of the work still present in the designing stage.
  • concept. This is a mock up or a scale model of a product to be made.

In the production of wooden furniture, the quality can also be measured starting from the phase that precedes the material process itself. A simple sketch, an image or a photo is just the preview of what you can realise, th step that leads to the creation of a prototype and a mock-up.

Wooden furnishing can become your own customized solution for the furnishing of your interiors. Discover in the website the services that Veneta Sedie has developed over the time to meet needs and demands of its clients.