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Tailor Made Production

Tailor Made Production


Customized products designed and manufactured by Veneta Sedie: the company's artisanal heart at its best. The focus is on the quality of products and services, while mantaining high standards and responding to our customers' specific desires and needs.

Over the years our solution-oriented approach led us to research and experimenting, as well as finding the harmony between creative and production divisions.

Our experience, know-how and passion are today's ingredients for the production of our chairs, adapted to particular needs of design, beauty, quality and style.

Why choose Veneta Sedie:

  • Experience in luxury and contract
    Veneta Sedie's experience has been enriched over the years by collaborations with renowned brands in the naval, luxury and fashion sectors.
  • Promptness
    Production and logistics efficiency originates from the company's background, allowing Veneta Sedie to guarantee the rapid fulfillment of orders.
  • Efficient logistics
    The efficient storage management is an essential part of our internal organization: product tracking allows customers to be always updated on the order status, through ever-available information about the production.
  • Rapid prototyping
    Short-time sampling of products at a controlled budget can be developed from sketches or photos, thanks to the company's historical archive of prototypes and the knowledge of the product.
  • Concept development
    Available technology and our passion for innovation allow us to quickly provide our customers reliable analysis and ideas about the production.
  • Guaranteed order fulfillment time
    International shipping support and product delivery time precisely estimated and guaranteed.
  • Investments optimization
    Product concept is meticulously developed by our expert team, optimizing energy investments in pre-series or sampling, and reducing time and errors.
  • Empathy
    Listening carefully, promptly responding and providing custom solutions is an everyday commitment to our partners and customers. Our aim is to understand needs and answer with concrete solutions.
  • Tailored approach
    Technology, innovation and a background in the serial production of wooden chairs are paired with an artisanal heart and experience: this mixed approach gives our products high quality and added value tailored to customer specific desires..