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Serial production

Serial production


Over the years Veneta Sedie developed a remarkable experience on materials and production processes as well as a deep understanding of customer needs, while concentrating on the best solutions to offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

The Top10 series is a result of this solution-oriented approach: a selection of ten internationally appraised products characterized by a high price/quality ratio.

As a flexible and efficient solution, the Top10 series is designed to meet the needs for appropriate supply conditions in terms of price, quality and service.

Rearranging and optimizing processes has been the first step to develop this new approach to production, all aimed at improving services and performances while maintaining a high level of price flexibility.

We offer a high-quality product to the distributor, consistent with market demands at a guaranteed competitive price.

Why choose Veneta Sedie:

  • Punctuality
    High accuracy on delivery times is guaranteed by a wisely organized internal structure.
  • Efficient logistics
    Details and information about orders and production are available at anytime to our customers.
  • Experience
    The company's history represents a never-ending journey, a path towards the future made of experience, research and improvements.
  • Productive capacity
    Veneta Sedie's production is tailored on customer needs, both in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Know-how
    Our know-how originates from our experience and passion: since 1986 we have been manufacturing thousands of chairs, paying attention to design and structural needs, as well as styles and trends.
  • Technical skills
    The profound knowledge of processes, machinery and materials allows Veneta Sedie to provide expert advice and recommend the best-suited solutions to its customers.
  • Product range
    The Top10 series gathers our most esteemed products while offering our customer an efficient and reliable service; along with the serial production Veneta Sedie also offers functional solutions with a tailored approach.