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  • Fasi di produzione
  • Fasi di produzione
  • Fasi di produzione
  • Fasi di produzione
  • Fasi di produzione
  • Fasi di produzione
  • Fasi di produzione
  • Fasi di produzione
  • Fasi di produzione

    The process of selecting, manufacturing and transforming wood is guided by Veneta Sedie’s distinctive approach: an harmonic balance of modern technologies and artisanal experience.



    Concept, design and planning are the starting points for the transformation of an abstract vision into a concrete product.

  • 2.Planning


    Meticulously organizing the storehouse, reutilizing waste products and wisely planning each production phase are key steps to achieve efficiency, waste reduction and high quality.

  • 3.Raw materials

    Raw materials

    The best beechwood used by Veneta Sedie is carefully selected in european forests for its characteristics, respecting envoironmental impact and reforestation protocols.

  • 4.First approach

    First approach

    The wood reveals its potential from the very first cut: as a fascinating living material its peculiar and distinctive characteristics will be respected and enhanced through the manufacturing process.

  • 5.Dessication


    The right humidity level is essential for the final product's high quality: the range between 8% and 10% we use for manufacturing allows us to produce highly stable and durable chairs.

  • 6.Manufacturing


    Technology and artisanal experience: our machineries shape, model and cut product parts with an accuracy level of 0.3mm.

  • 7.Artisanal touch

    Artisanal touch

    Our profound knowledge of the market and material are supported by modern technologies, an artisan-inspired approach that enriches the product with its added value.

  • 8.Quality check

    Quality check

    After assembling the product parts our artisans proceed to quality-check each aspect and detail, in order to guarantee the cohesion to the company's distinctive quality standards.

  • 9.Final product

    Final product

    Harmony of parts and shapes characterize the final product, a ready-to-finish structure perfect to be enhanced and tranformed into high quality and durable furniture.