3D Design

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3D Design

3D Design


As a fundamental aspect of chairs manufacturing, 3D design guarantees an exact alignment with the customer's vision, a reliable preview of processing time and a chance to reduce potential errors.

Veneta Sedie believes in technological innovation and therefore enriched its team with professionals specialized in three-dimensional design.
To the customer looking for a prototype or a concept, 3D design is the service we provide to support the definition of projects and presentations.

Technological innovation and expertise offered to benefit our customers: requesting a 3D model for a chair means receiving a rapid and reliable idea about product development, ready to be included in projects, presentations or renderings.

Veneta Sedie offers:

  • Prototyping
    The prototype can be developed from an image or picture, providing the customer with a virtual sample to be "touched with a glance" before actual production. Developing a prototype is a chance to optimize manufacturing through reduction of potential errors and correct time and resource management.
  • Concept
    Beyond production optimization, 3D design offers the customer multiple advantages in terms of product analysis since the evaluation by designers and decision makers requires a short amount of time and resources.